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Tracking Genie ®: GPS Vehicle Tracking System in India
We provide reporting and alerting on all of the common vehicle tracking metrics such as Fuel Monitoring, speed, location, heading, journey history, driver behavior, idling time,
For Fleet Management
Fleet Management Tracking Benefits
With high fuel costs and driver shortages, it’s now more important than ever to improve the management of your fleet so that you can lower operational costs, improve fleet visibility and driver satisfaction, while complying with regulatory requirements.
Benefits of Personal Tracking Solution
  • Maximize the return on your investment
  • Maximize Driver Satisfaction
  • Improve Fleet Fuel Management
  • Increase profitability
  • Monitor & Maximize Vehicle efficiency
For Schools
Get all information regarding school bus tracking events at your fingertips.
For Enterprise
Get all information of your enterprise with enterprise tracking on your fingertips.
For Personal Use
Get all information for your personal vehicle tracking and more on your fingertips.
For Fleet Management
Get all information regarding fleet management tracking on your fingertips.
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