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Tracking Genie
Tracking Genie - is a product of K S Technosoft Pvt Ltd (KST) an IT company specialized in GIS based application development and GPS vehicle tracking in India KST is a part of K S Group of Companies, which has 30+ years of experience in Vehicle Industry.
Tracking Genie is a fast growing GPS tracking solution, with its offices in the USA and India. Tracking Genie’ is an easy to use GPS Tracking Solution designed for businesses of all sizes. Our main focus is on
Tracking Genie Improving customer service
Tracking Genie Real-time operations visibility
Tracking Genie Maximizing Performance from vehicles and service representatives of our clients.
“Tracking Genie”, GPS Tracking In India offers: GPS-based Fleet Tracking software, a Command Center Dashboard for real time fleet monitoring over the internet and comprehensive Management Reports.
Tracking Genie is very easy to install and come with easy to use application which helps our customer forget about technology issues and focus strictly on their business to increase ROI that includes increased revenue, reduced costs, and ability to grow profitably.
Our GPS Car Tracking System
Tracking Genie is user friendly, affordable, state-of-the-art web based GPS Tracking & Reporting software. Tracking Genie, GPS system in India helps to TRACK & MANAGE assets & fleet of vehicles from anywhere in the world while getting a great Return on Investment (ROI).
Tracking Genie: GPS tracking India, not only helps in SAVING TIME & MONEY but it also helps in ENHANCING QUALITY OF SERVICES by giving world class Technology to control Assets
Tracking Genie Complete control on mobile assets
Tracking Genie Improve dispatching operations & efficient fleet utilization
Tracking Genie Automate your maintenance routines
Tracking Genie Improve Fuel Utilization
Tracking Genie Historical Reports
Tracking Genie Real Time Alerts
Give us a call at 1800-3070-3643 and let one of our skilled fleet consultants help you with information, if you are looking for GPS System In India, GPS tracking India, vehicle tracking India, GPS tracking in India or vehicle tracking in India.
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